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Residetial Large Volume

Flow Rate: 25gpm(5.7m3/hr.) to 150gpm(34m3/hr.)


Audible Alarm

Lamp Operation Indicators

Hours Running Meter up to 99,999 Hours

Ultraviolet Intensity Monitor (Optional)

Temperature Monitor (Optional)

Sanitary Fittings (Optional)

Universal Voltage 100V.-250V./50-60Hz

CE Certification


Operating Parameters:

Max. Operating Pressure: 125psi (8.62 bar)

Ambient Water Temperature: 2-40 (36-104)

Iron: < 0.3ppm (0.3 mg/L)

Hardness: < 7gpg (120 mg/L)

Turbidity: < 1 NTU

UV Transmittance: > 75%



4-Log (99.99%) Reduction in bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts

UV Lamp Rated Life 10,000 Hours

Electro-polished 304SS Reactor Chamber (316SS Available On Request)