About water treatment
1.7.2 Disc Filter


Various accuracy: various filtering disc can be according to different water condition. Such as  20  μm, 50  μm , 100  μm,

Efficient back flush: Thorough backflushing in high speed, only in 25 seconds.

Full automatic control, continuous running: each disc filter backfluch in turn. The filter system running without a break

Modularity: Versatility, Conpatibility. The system permits a wide range of possibilities with a minimal number of components.

Reliable operation, low maintenance: 100% parts have been tested by factory, almost no need of daily maintenance and special tools. Require minimal spare parts.

Long service life: the disc filtering elements make by a high- tech plastic,reliable and corrosive- resist. After years of practice and testing, the performance of filtering and backfluching will not degrade over time.